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YardMaster® Truck

Take Charge of Your Truck Yard with Seamless Integration and Automated Processing

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End-to-end efficiency for in-plant truck management

YardMaster® Truck provides a robust solution to manage on-site truck activities. By automating tasks, such as truck check-in/check-out, inspections, weigh scale integration, and load/offload/transload, users will no longer have to manually document these activities. At time of shipment, DOT compliant bills of lading can be generated with signatures captured digitally, via the Industrial Networks tablet. YardMaster® Truck also provides scheduling and tendering functionality.

Benefits of YardMaster® Truck include:

Generates a BOL and customs documentation from an order, pattern, or manually

Check-in processing for driver and carrier credentials

Manages truck inspections

Seamlessly integrates with scales for automated weight capture and ticket generation

Accurately calculates complex outage and volume correction

Captures digital signature

Schedules automatic distribution of emails

Creates custom alerts for your reports

Access to online video library for training and troubleshooting needs

YardMaster® integration for seamless capture of transload activities

Tendering and scheduling

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