The most widely-used yard management software for the railcar switch, inspection, load or unload, and shipment process.

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YardMaster® supports your in-plant logistics functions to significantly streamline shipping operations. For rail shipments, you can request and release railcars with your carriers, schedule load, offload and shipment, inspect railcars, and ship. Seamlessly integrated with Industrial Networks’ mobile and stationary AEI readers, tasks can be automated for railcar inventory, inspections, spotting, volume correction calculations, weigh scale capture, and seal(s) capture.

YardMaster® Feature Benefits

  • Receives and confirms order and shipment records from ERP systems
  • Transmission of railcar order and release with your carriers
  • Creates, manages, and confirms railcar switches
  • Rail rack scheduling for railcar loading and offloading
  • Load bay quality control capabilities
  • Provides and stores equipment inspection checklists
  • Calculates and optimizes loads through complex outage and volume correction
  • Identifies and flags bad ordered railcars
  • Defines customer railcar criteria to prevent customer misshipment
  • Accurately calculates and reports demurrage
  • Seamlessly integrates with Industrial Networks’ mobile and stationary AEI readers to automate operations
  • Integrates with UMLER to provide real-time access to data for accurate third-party railcar loading

The system is tightly integrated with Industrial Networks AEI mobile and stationary scanners to allow accurate railcar inventory, inspections, load bay verification, and more.

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