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TRANSPay® Invoice Payment Services

A Single Source for Rail Industry Invoice Management


Condense hundreds of monthly invoices into a single invoice

TRANSPay® Services (TIPS) simplifies management and processing of rail industry vendor invoices for railcar repair, lease, freight, storage, demurrage, taxes and more. The Bourque Logistics team will audit for accuracy, process and pay your vendor invoices. Instead of receiving hundreds of invoices from different vendors, our clients receive one invoice from Bourque Logistics, drastically reducing the monthly invoice management burden. This streamlined process saves time and significantly reduces administrative load.

Benefits of TRANSPay® Services include:

Management of rail-related payables and receivables which require rail equipment, logistics, and commercial expertise

Invoicing and payments for freight, shops repairs, lessors, sublessees, carriers, storage facilities, tax authorities

On-time supplier payments with detailed remittance advice for AP

On-time customer invoice and collection with detailed remittance for Accounts Receivable

A team of rail-industry experts to review all vendor invoices for accuracy and address time-consuming exceptions, disputes, and adjustments

Transaction coding by business unit. Update of customer ERP general ledger – SAP, Oracle, MS and more

Adherence to Licensee invoice and payment approval process

TRANSPay® Services – the invoice management solution you’ve been looking for.

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