Streamline, Automate and Optimize Cash Flow


Seamlessly facilitate payments

TRANSPay® automates your freight payment process by dramatically reducing manual efforts related to freight invoicing. It optimizes cash flow by taking advantage of early payment terms, paying freight, repair and lease invoices on time and avoiding penalties. It interfaces with your ERP system for payment operations and proper cost center assignment.

Benefits of TRANSPay® include:

Provides auto-pay and match-pay for all carriers

Allocates freight costs to the appropriate cost center

Process payment transactions for all transit modes by RateServer

Matches freight invoices to accruals based on versatile tolerances

Records disbursement details such as check number and payment date

Imports to EDI 410 invoices from rail carriers

Streamlines freight payment reconciliation

Monitors multi-mode shipments for volume commitments and rebates

Provides payment request to the client’s ERP

Payment of repair and lease invoices from RAILAcct®

Import 210 invoices for non-rail invoices

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