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Rail Shipping

Our RAILTRAC® software addresses rail fleet management needs and provides the necessary tools to optimize the cycling of your rail fleet

Logistic Services

Our Logistics Team keeps your rail shipments moving; we work closely with our customers, their suppliers, and carriers

Truck Shipping

YardMaster® Truck Shipment Management System is a one-stop software solution supporting all trucking operations

Maintenance Made Easy

Our RMS Team closely monitors all railcar repair and maintenance activities

Rail-Shipping Operations

The most widely-used yard management and billing software


Provides functionality to streamline in-plant rail activities. Functions, such as railcar inventory, inspection management, railcar switching, rack scheduling, and load/offload activities, can be automated eliminating manual errors and increasing efficiency. Additionally, through ERP integration, users can easily assign orders to rail shipments, eliminating manual entry in multiple systems.

  • Receives and confirms order and shipment records from ERP systems
  • Transmission of railcar order and release with your carriers
  • Rail rack scheduling for railcar loading and offloading
  • Stores photos taken with the INet AEI-reading tablet
  • Load bay quality control capabilities
  • Provides and stores equipment inspection checklists
  • Calculates and optimizes loads through complex outage and volume correction
  • Identifies and flags bad ordered railcars
  • Defines customer railcar criteria to prevent customer misshipment
  • Accurately calculates and reports demurrage
  • Seamlessly integrates with Industrial Networks’ mobile and stationary AEI readers to automate operations
  • Integrates with UMLER to provide real-time access to data for accurate third-party railcar loading


Consolidates communication with carriers’ and customers brokers providing a standard billing process. Bills of lading can be generated via YardMaster directly, requests from your ERP system, or via easy-to-use patterns. Additionally, bills of lading can be auto emailed to internal and external users, reducing manual efforts to distribute this information.

  • Receives and confirms order and shipment records from ERP systems
  • Transmits using ANSI 404 standards
  • Uses ANSI 997 and 824 standards for acknowledgements
  • Email notifications for non-confirmed BOLs
  • Auto email disbursement of BOLs to partners and customers
  • Meets both NAFTA customs and US/Canadian HAZMAT requirements
  • Submits required import and export documents
  • Multi-car and unit train billing functionality
  • Integrated with customer’s brokers


Is a comprehensive railcar tracking and fleet management tool which provides functionality for real-time shipment tracking, exception monitoring, detention monitoring, and storing of detailed mechanical, lease, and test date records. RAILTRAC provides sophisticated reporting This gives users the ability to analyze metrics, including cycle times, fleet size, railcar pipelines, and historical shipment analysis.

  • Tracks shipments in real-time by many parameters
  • Stores historical transit times and calculates ETAs
  • Reports jeopardized shipment and issue logs
  • Provides transit/hold-time analysis and fleet sizing
  • Calculates and invoices detention
  • Retains car profile records for mechanical details and compliance testing
  • Manages railcar leases
  • Generates custom reports with one-click access via FASTRAC

Truck-Shipping Operations

Check-In, Weigh-In-Motion, Bills of Lading

YardMaster Truck®

Provides a robust solution to manage on-site truck activities. By automating tasks, such as truck check-in/check-out, inspections, weigh scale integration, and load/offload, users will no longer have to manually document these activities. At time of shipment, DOT compliant bills of lading can be generated with signatures captured digitally, via the Industrial Networks tablet. YardMaster® Truck also provides scheduling and tendering functionality.

  • Generates a BOL and customs documentation from an order, pattern, or manually
  • Check-in processing for driver and carrier credentials
  • Manages truck inspections
  • Seamlessly integrates with scales for automated weight capture and ticket generation
  • Accurately calculates complex outage and volume correction
  • Captures digital signature
  • Schedules automatic distribution of emails
  • Creates custom alerts for your reports
  • Access to online video library for training and troubleshooting needs

Freight Management & Payment

Multi-mode Freight Costing, Analysis, and Payment


Makes it easy to manage freight contracts and tariffs for rail, truckload, LTL, and marine. Its powerful rating engine accurately calculates freight costs at time of shipment for line haul, fuel, assessorial, switch, etc. and delivers freight cost to ERP.

  • Supports all types of point-to-point mileage-based rates
  • Handles complex assessorial, stop-off, and switch charges
  • Accurately calculates fuel surcharges
  • Accepts any scale including, per unit, excess, or quantity breaks
  • Accurately calculates freight for all types of Rule 11
  • Offers what-if analysis for most cost-effective moves
  • Gives insightful freight costs reporting and analysis
  • Provides live integration with ERP systems for on-demand freight costs for quotes, freight-add invoicing, and carrier payment
  • Imports and exports rates from spreadsheets


Automates your freight payment process by dramatically reducing manual efforts related to freight invoicing. It optimizes cash flow by taking advantage of early payment terms, paying freight invoices on time and avoiding penalties. It interfaces with your ERP system for payment operations and proper cost center assignment.

  • Provides auto-pay and match-pay for all carriers
  • Matches freight invoices to accruals based on versatile tolerances
  • Streamlines freight payment reconciliation
  • Allocates freight costs to the appropriate cost center
  • Records disbursement details such as check number and payment date
  • Monitors multi-mode shipments for volume commitments and rebates
  • Process payment transactions for all transit modes by RateServer
  • Imports to EDI 410 invoices from rail carriers
  • Provides payment request to the client’s ERP


Captures costs and revenues of all rail fleet transactions and allocates them to the appropriate business unit. This software automates tasks associates with railcar repairs, lease, budgets, depreciation, and mileage audits.

  • Integrates with repair shops to receive estimates and invoices
  • Produces monthly reports to analyze repairs by BRC, shop, railroad, repair type, leasing company, and contract
  • Imports and validates railcar lease invoices
  • Supports excess empty mileage audits and mileage tax audit
  • Summarizes costs and revenues by business unit with cost center codes that provide a link to accounting systems
  • Provides rail fleet project management and tracks progress
  • Creates rail fleet budgets for repairs, lease, and mileage
  • Provides OTMA worksheet management

Business Intelligence & Custom Reporting Tools

How you like them; Distributed the way you need


Allows you to quickly and efficiently customize and distribute reports based on your specific needs. RAILPort® offers pre-designed templates for each application providing a foundation to quickly build reports. These reports can be easily distributed with Live-Link capability.

  • Capability to easily build custom reports with drag and drop functionality
  • Filters, groups, and sorts your report data
  • User Smart Date functionality, such as: Today, Last Week, Current Month, Current Quarter to better organize your data
  • Conveniently locates railcars with Railcar Location Message Mapping
  • Exports in PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML, and Web Query formats
  • Schedules automatic distribution of emails
  • Creates custom alerts for your reports
  • Access to online video library for training and troubleshooting needs


Provides aggregated metrics across our solutions for historical, trending, as well as predictive calculations. By having the ability to analyze all costs, such as freight-repair-fleet, shippers can begin to adjust their business to improve certain situations. These analytics could be used to improve railroad or supplier negotiations and even identify some of the effects of PSR through train bunching.

  • Aggregation of key indicators from shipment trends
  • Measurements of fleet efficiencies and utilization
  • Instant visibility of outliers and correlation among trends
  • Automated distribution of graphical reports
  • Visualization for analysis of logistics performance measurements
  • Identification of positive and negative trends in your logistics and procurement operations