A powerful multi-mode freight contract management and freight cost reporting software recently enhanced to accurately calculate railroad mileage based fuel surcharges.

RateServer® makes it easy to manage freight contracts for rail, truckload, and LTL. The system integrates with your ERP system to calculate freight costs precisely for orders or shipments. Its powerful rating engine accurately calculates all costs for both contract and tariff agreements.

RateServer® Feature Benefits

  • Supports all types of point-to-point and mileage-based rates
  • Handles complex assessorial, stop-off, and switch charges
  • Accurately calculates fuel surcharges
  • Accepts any scale including, per unit, excess, or quantity breaks
  • Accurately calculates freight for all types of Rule 11
  • Offers what-if analysis for most cost-effective moves
  • Gives insightful freight cost reporting and analysis
  • Provides live integration with ERP systems for on-demand freight costs for quotes, freight-add invoicing, and carrier payment
  • Imports and exports rates to and from spreadsheets

Bourque Logistics has enhanced functionality of RateServer® and TRANSPay® to ensure logistics professionals are equipped  to efficiently manage the railroad’s new mileage-based fuel surcharge (MBFSC) requirements.

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