Easy-to-use manifest and unit train shipment tracking

Bourque Logistics’ flagship software, RAILTRAC®, is a very sophisticated, yet flexible and easy-to-use software. It offers numerous statistical analysis functions and reports are easily customized to increase your efficiency.

RAILTRAC® Feature Benefits

  • Tracks shipments in real time by many parameters
  • Stores historical transit times and calculates ETAs
  • Reports jeopardized shipment and issue logs
  • Provides transit/hold-time analysis and fleet sizing
  • Calculates and invoices detention
  • Retains car profile records for mechanical details and compliance testing
  • Manages railcar leases
  • Generates custom reports with one-click access via FASTRAC™
  • Uses enhanced RAILDash™ functionality

While sophisticated, RAILTRAC® is also very flexible, offering numerous statistical analysis functions and easily-customized reports adaptable to meet your needs.

Contact us at sales@railtrac.com or 281-362-1513.

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