A Comprehensive Railcar Tracking and Fleet Management Tool

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On demand railcar tracking and fleet management

RAILTRAC® is a comprehensive railcar tracking and fleet management tool which provides functionality for real-time shipment tracking, exception monitoring, detention monitoring, and storing of detailed mechanical, lease, and test date records. RAILTRAC® provides sophisticated reporting. This gives users the ability to analyze metrics, including cycle times, fleet size, railcar pipelines, and historical shipment analysis.

Benefits of RAILTRAC® include:

On demand shipment tracking

Stores historical transit times and calculates ETAs

Reports jeopardized shipment and issue logs

Provides transit/hold-time analysis and fleet sizing

Retains car profile records for mechanical details and compliance testing

Generates user definable reports with one-click access via FASTRAC®

Railcar lease and sub-lease management

Detention calculation and invoicing

Manifest and unit train tracking and reporting

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