Bourque Logistics can collect your railcar repair records from both shops and the railroads. We support both AAR standards for billing repair cards (BRCs). We collect BRCs for repair estimates as well as the final invoicing.

This system is able to:

  • Evaluate the validity and price of the repair quote via the AAR Price Master or negotiated shop rates.
  • Easily access repair history of an individual railcar by shop, repair type, leasing party, or contract.
  • Approve or disapprove repair at the BRC line item level.
  • Automatically notify the shop of approval/disapproval.
  • Receive supplemental BRC records for re-quotes.
  • Automatically input and validate BRC invoices against BRC estimate approval.

As part of a seamless start up of services, BL provides all consulting and coordination with shops to schedule startup and testing of BRC transmissions.

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