Oct 3, 2019 | Press Releases

Partnership with INet Extended

Bourque Logistics and Industrial Networks Renew Their Exclusive Alliance

A Continuing Commitment to Shippers for Combined Logistics Solutions

The Woodlands, Texas –October 3, 2019. Bourque Logistics, the leader in North American industrial logistics systems for more than 30 years, and Industrial Networks (INet), the leading provider of rail and truck automation and data acquisition systems for manufacturing and shipping operations in North America, have announced a continuing and strengthening of their partnership for their shipper clients.

Since 2005, Bourque Logistics and INet have worked exclusively together to provide The YardMaster® Solution. Comprised of both software and hardware components, The YardMaster® Solution provides pivotal railcar and truck shipment management functionality to industrial shippers for control over field operations, reduction of errors, and overall shipping operation productivity.

Now, they will strengthen their bond through continued system co-development and have renewed their exclusive relationship to provide their integrated solutions to rail, truck, and intermodal shippers. With this commitment, industrial shippers will continue to benefit from Bourque and INet collaboration for development and support of the YardMaster® Monitor™ and YardMaster Mobile® applications for railcar and truck inventory, loading/unloading, security seal and photo acquisition, switch management, and railcar inspection.

“The extension of our exclusive partnership with Bourque Logistics will continue to provide our customerswith a seamless user experience for the Yardmaster®Solution…Our companies have and will continue to evolve together to serve customers on the highest level,while never compromising on the solution we provide to help in making those we serve more efficient and cost-effective.”

—Jimmy Finster, President of INet

“For over a decade, INet has been an important partner extending our YardMaster® functionality into the field via INet stationary and mobile AEI systems…We want our clients to know that the benefits of exclusive arrangement will continue for their current and future shipment operation essentials.”

—Steve Bourque, President of Bourque Logistics

INet also announced an effort, independent from Bourque Logistics, to provide AEI solutions to railcar shops and railroads. With several repair and railroad clients, INet will leverage its significant in-house software development assets to build out solutions specific to these industries.

Used by over 250 industrial rail-yards in North America

The YardMaster® Solution is a robust rail operations software that fully automates rail shipping operations,such as railcar request and release, switching, onsite inventory, order scheduling and rack assignment, railcar inspection, and BOL transmission. In addition, YardMaster®provides load/offload optimization by performing load bay verification, advanced outage, and volume correction calculations. The INet hardware allows performance of these functions completely in the field.

Bourque Logistics, the leader in transportation software for industrial shippers, provides YardMaster®, a robust railcar receiving and shipment management software. In addition to the previously stated functionality, YardMaster®provides load/offload optimization by performing load bay verification,advanced outage,and volume correction calculations.

Industrial Networks,the North American leader in providing automation for all aspects of industrial rail and truck shipping operations:

enhancements the YardMaster® software with their YardMaster Mobile® and YardMaster® Monitor™ systems. These systems, deployed via mobile and stationary AEI readers, automate data collection in the field and are an extension of Bourque Logistics’ YardMaster® software. The automaton of data collection is critical in alleviating manual data entry errors and expediting the turnaround of railcars within a facility.Additionally, INet provides custom scale and meter integration capabilities to further automate data collection during the load/unload process.

About Bourque Logistics

Used by over 120 rail shippers in North America, Bourque Logistics provides rail operations software for industrial shippers. Its automated rail logistics system has provided significant and ongoing value since 1989 with RAILTRAC®, YardMaster®, RateServer®, and other tools that address all facets of rail shippers’ needs and integrate seamlessly with their ERP systems. Its Shipper BI™ tool provides managers real time intelligence and trending to manage complex distribution and logistics.

Bourque Logistics’ tools are redundant, cloud-based systems for rail and motor carrier shipment operations for loading and shipping, bill of lading submission, tracking and trace, freight costing and payment, fleet accounting, supply chain management, and customized reporting. Bourque’s EDI data services connect shippers with their suppliers, customers, and carriers. They also provide professional services and support for rail fleet expediting and railcar maintenance management.

For more information, visit our website or watch our company overview videos on our youtube channel.

About Industrial Networks

INet is the leading provider of railyard automation and data acquisition systems for manufacturing and shipping operations in North America. Their expertise touches operations run by rail shippers, short line and Class I railroads, trucking, and more. The close relationship with Bourque Logistics, the leading provider of rail transportation software to shippers in North America, provides over 75 years of experience providing state-of-the-art rail automation.

For more information, visit their website.

YardMaster® is a registered trademark of Bourque Data Systems Inc.

YardMaster Mobile® is a registered trademark of Bourque Data Systems Inc.

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