Daily, the RMS team performs general administrative tasks to closely monitor and track customer railcar repair and maintenance activities.

Utilizing RAILTRAC® and RAILAcct®, we ensure that your maintenance program is managed properly, is cost effective and that it conforms to regulatory and industry requirements. 

We keep all mechanical information updated in RAILTRAC® so reports are current and accurate. Using RAILAcct® to review estimates and audit invoices, we properly allocate maintenance expenses for precise reporting. Consequently, our customers always have the information necessary to make informed decisions regarding transportation issues.

We continually manage relationships with shops, compare pricing, negotiate best rates and constantly look for ways to improve shop turnaround times and save our customers money. We closely monitor shop performance and regularly perform AAR billing audits to ensure that shops follow correct billing standards.

The BL RMS Team

  • Maintains all railcar mechanical data within RAILTRAC® and RAILAcct®.
  • Keeps you informed by generating daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Negotiates shop hourly rates.
  • Routes and tracks railcars to and from shops.
  • Recommends and executes shop scheduling, repair and inspection programs.
  • Monitors compliance requirements and arranges for shopping of railcars.
  • Obtains, evaluates and approves shop estimates.
  • Performs AAR billing audits.
  • Validates repair invoices against estimates and verifies repair was performed properly.
  • Evaluates running repairs to guard against inconsistent repair tasks.
  • Analyzes maintenance costs and assist clients with preparation of annual rail fleet maintenance budget.
  • Maintains regulatory updates of UMLER and OT-5 filings and submits required documentation.
  • Fields AAR Early Warning Letters.
  • Provides disposition and depreciated value statements for railroad damaged/wrecked cars.
  • Submits claims to railroads on damaged cars.
  • Oversees new car fabrication.
  • Bids out cars for scrap, manages scrap process and updates customer’s fleet.
  • Performs fleet sizing analysis.
  • Coordinates and follows up on mobile repairs.

Field Services

As an added value, we extend RMS to include field support. Our field services team:

  • Submits daily reports and provides R1 oversight.
  • Manages shop selection.
  • Performs railcar inspections during and after repairs, and for fleet arrivals and releases.
  • Coating inspection.
  • Coordinate maintenance activity with mini shops and mobile units.
  • Technical recommendations mini-specs and railcar maintenance spec guide.
  • Shop inspections and audits to ensure shops are meeting DOT and regulatory requirements.
  • Event investigation.
  • Review of customer complaints to identify issues and recommend solutions.
  • Lining recommendation and test runs with a lab.
  • Special reports regarding railcar regulatory impact to customer’s management.