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Logistics Services

BL offers RAILTRAC® Maintenance Service (RMS), a full-service railcar repair and maintenance program. Daily, the RMS team performs general administrative tasks to closely monitor and track customer railcar repair and maintenance activities. Utilizing RAILTRAC® and RAILAcct®, we ensure that your maintenance program is properly managed, cost effective, and conforms to regulatory and industry requirements.

We keep all mechanical information updated in RAILTRAC® so reports are current and accurate. Using RAILAcct® to review estimates and audit invoices, we properly allocate maintenance expenses for precise reporting. Consequently, our customers always have the information necessary to make informed decisions regarding transportation issues.

Simple OTMAs

Bourque Logistics provides electronic connectivity for the exchange of vital transportation data sets.

Precision Repairs

Bourque keeps accurate and timely mechanical information in RAILTRAC® for precise reporting.

On-Time Deliveries

We work closely with you and the carriers to monitor and expedite your shipments.

Customer Driven

We listen to your needs and build solutions to simplify your business.

RAILTRAC® Expediting Service

Using RAILTRAC® software, our team of logistics specialists work closely with our customers, their suppliers, and carriers to closely monitor and expedite railcar movements. We resolve problem shipments immediately and keep our customers informed daily. Our proactive monitoring approach reduces the number of service interruptions, keeps railcars moving and improves fleet utilization.

Our Expediting Services Provide the Following Benefits:

•  Improves fleet utilization with reduced fleet cycles
•  Eliminates labor intensive staffing requirements
•  Improves rail service by leveraging established relationships with railroad CSRs
•  Reduces shipment transit times
•  Ensures on-time delivery to customers and maintain levels of empties to plant
•  Provides seamless transition during staffing changes
•  Maintains vital RAILTRAC® data points, such as routes, consignee, and railcar profiles

RAILTRAC® Maintenance Service

Our experienced rail asset management team ensures that your fleet is cost-effectively managed. We work with the best industry engineers to assure your conformance to federal regulations and reliability. We manage every physical, compliance, and monetary aspect of owned and leased equipment. We audit and pay your supplier invoices. We provide KPI dashboards to keep you informed.

Railcar Maintenance Management
  • Schedule and monitor all shop and maintenance activities
  • Verify BRC repair estimates and invoices
  • Ensure compliance to maintenance schedules and regulatory tests
  • Budget and monitor programs for on-time completion
Engineering, Compliance, and Reliability Partners
  • Ensure best practice reliability with knowledgeable industry engineers
  • Design maintenance manual procedures
  • Define programs for reliability standards
  • Analyze repair and maintenance intervals
TRANSPay® Services - Supplier Invoice Audit and Payment
  • Verify and pay your invoices – maintenance, lease, and ad valorem tax
  • Audit and handle the exceptions
  • Code for your general ledger allocation
  • Pay your suppliers on-time with detailed remittance

One Time Movement Approval

Bourque Logistics provides electronic connectivity between you and your suppliers, customers, and carriers with the exchange of vital transportation data sets.

Since 1996, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has been authorized to issue OTMAs for bulk packages (tank cars) that no longer conform to Hazardous Materials Regulations (49 CFR Parts 171-180). In 2000, that authority was expanded to cover all bulk packages (e.g. covered hopper cars, gondolas, portable tanks, etc.) of hazardous materials.


  • Standing approval for specific conditions
  • Applies to empty/clean, residue and loaded railcars
  • Does not apply to PIH (Poison Inhalation Hazard)
  • Application can be made via email notification
  • Car can move immediately after confirmation of email notification is received