YardMaster® Truck

YardMaster® Truck is a one-stop software solution that supports all trucking operations.

trucking management software

YardMaster® Truck­ shipment management system. This software solution addresses all tasks for check-in processing, weighing, inspection, documentation, seals, volume correction, BOL creation, and shipping operations for bulk and liquid products by truck. The same functionality is present for inbound loaded trucks as well.

YardMaster® Truck BENEFITS

  • Generates a BOL and customs documentation from an
    order, pattern, or manually
  • Check-in processing for driver and carrier credentials
  • Manages truck inspections
  • Seamlessly integrates with scales for automated weight capture and ticket generation
  • Accurately calculates complex outage and volume correction
  • Captures digital signature
  • Load tendering and scheduling
  • Delivers auto email of the BOL to partners and customers
  • Integrates with Industrial Networks’ mobile AEI readers for automated data capture

YardMaster® Truck also integrates with RateServer® to calculate carrier freight.

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