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A Consolidated Platform for Effortless Railcar Billing

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Railcar billing simplified

eBill® consolidates communication with carriers’ and customers brokers providing a standard billing process. Bills of lading can be generated via YardMaster directly, requests from your ERP system, or via easy-to-use patterns. Additionally, bills of lading can be auto emailed to internal and external users, reducing manual efforts to distribute this information.

Benefits of eBill® include:

Receives and confirms order and shipment records from ERP systems

Email notifications for non-confirmed BOLs

Submits required import and export documents

Transmits using ANSI 404 standards

Auto email disbursement of BOLs to partners and customers

Multi-car and unit train billing functionality

Uses ANSI 997 and 824 standards for acknowledgements

Meets both USMCA customs and US/Canadian HAZMAT requirements

Integrated with Customs Brokers

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