It’s the data that really counts

Bourque Logistics provides electronic connectivity between you and your suppliers, customers, and carriers, with the exchange of vital transportation data sets.

Data Services

All Bourque Logistics data transaction processes are replicated at its redundant data facility to assure continuity of collection and delivery should its primary data center experience an outage. BL Network Staff monitor the data transmissions to assure a smooth, uninterrupted flow.


  • Car Location Messages
  • Bills of Lading and Acknowledgements
  • Waybills
  • Billing Repair Cards: Estimates and Invoices
  • Railcar Lease Invoices
  • Mileage Credits
  • Rail and Truck Freight Bills


Serving as a single source of data collection, Bourque Logistics gathers Car Location Messages (CLMs) from all reporting railroads to update rail shipments in RAILTRAC.

CLM Transactions Supported:

This simplifies the process for you and provides reliable, real-time information. CLMs are available from all Class I Carriers and over 250 Shortline railroads.


  • Fleet – basic fleet reporting with fleet update capabilities linked to RAILTRAC for adding and removing railcars from fleet services
  • CLR – CLM request for free-runner moves used for non-fleet shipments of customers or railroad owned equipment
  • CLT – temporary fleet additions for third-party or non-shipper supplier moves
  • CLM Rewind – collection of recent CLM back to the last shipment should CLM feeds be cut
  • Waybill Collection – collection of CLM based on Waybill supplier or consignee

Bills of Lading

Bourque provides EDI transmissions directly to Class I and Shortline rail carriers. Our technology supports bills of lading (BOL) creation, conversion, and transmission as 404 and 810 formats. All BOL creation and translation programs conform to all U.S. and Canadian HAZMAT requirements. In addition, selected BOL data sets can be transmitted to consignees, as well as customs brokers for cross border movements.

BOLs of all types can be transmitted including:


  • Revenue
  • Empty Billing
  • Empty or Loaded Switch
  • Unit Train
  • Furtherance of Transit
  • Store in Transit
  • Stop Off in Transit
  • Railroad Company Business
  • Shop Move

Railcar Repairs

Bourque Logistics can collect your railcar repair records from both shops and the railroads. We support both AAR standards for billing repair cards (BRCs); We collect BRCs for repair estimates, as well as the final invoicing.

This system will be able to:


  • Evaluate the validity and price of the repair quote via the AAR Price Master or Negotiated shop rates
  • Easily access repair history of an individual railcar by shop, repair type, leasing party, or contract
  • Approve of disapprove repair at the BRC line item level
  • Automatically notify the shop of approval/disapproval
  • Receive supplemental BRC records for re-quotes
  • Automatically input and validate BRC invoices against BRC estimate approval


As part of a seamless start up of services, BL provides all consulting and coordination with shops to schedule startup and testing of BRC transmissions.

Freight Invoices

Electronic invoices are used for match-pay processing in the TRANSPay freight payment module or can be translated to custom file structures for a shipper’s internal freight payment system.

Bourque Logistics can collect freight invoices from railroads (410s) and from motor carriers (210s)

Mileage Credits

Bourque Logistics collects AAR and leasing company mileage credit files for those shippers who require mileage audits. Files are downloaded monthly, then converted, validated, and transmitted to RAILAcct.

Mileage Services:

As a part of a seamless services, Bourque Logistics provides all consulting and coordination with the AAR and leasing companies to schedule startup and testing of mileage credit transmissions. We offer mileage credit audit services and claims filing services executed on a monthly basis, so you can get your credit more quickly.