Crude by Rail

Bourque Logistics works with 70% of the largest US refineries.

We simplify the shipment and tracking of crude trains by truck-to-truck transloading, terminal railcar tag scanning and full railyard management tools.

Truck-to-Rail Transloading

  • Order tender and assignment
  • Truck to rail transloading
  • Supports all HAZMAT and DOT requirements
  • Generates printed and EDI bills of lading
  • Delivery status and reporting functionality
  • Creation of customs documents
  • Records per car crude quality specs

Terminal Railcar Tag Scanning

  • Captures exact date/time stamp of units entering/exiting your facility for tracking, reporting and accurate calculations of charges
  • Reports real-time inventory levels including switch and storage locations
  • Increases personnel safety
  • Ensures compliance with critical government regulations
  • Reduces billing mix-ups
  • Provides remote access to troubleshoot issues for reduced downtime
  • Load bay and multi-track capabilities
  • Installs quickly and inexpensively

Full Railyard Management Tools

  • Transmits an ANSI standard 404 bill of lading transmission to the railroads
  • Confirms railroad receipt via 997 and/or 824 acknowledgements
  • Email notifications for non-confirmed bills of lading
  • Creates patterns for repeat moves to reduce manual data entry
  • Receives and confirms order records from order entry systems
  • Supports customs documents
  • All bills of lading and revisions are maintained in an easy to access archive table for historical analysis and audits
  • Supports multi-car billing
  • Provides volume correction and outage calculations
  • Supports both US and Canadian HAZMAT bill of lading requirements

Wellhead Data


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