We are transportation solution experts, with many years of experience in the area of logistics.

Company History

Established in 1989 and located in The Woodlands, Texas, Bourque Logistics, Inc. is an independent logistics software developer and services provider. We specialize in integrated software systems for loading/offloading, shipping, shipment tracking, freight payment, fleet accounting, and supply chain management. Our software integrates with many ERP systems that have been developed for dozens of customers using SAP, JD Edwards, and custom in-house applications. We process tens of thousands of shipments and freight transactions annually throughout North America. More than 100 leading shippers rely on Bourque Logistics’ software for their transportation operations.


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  • Our Focus

    is to provide quality software products and services for all segments of the transportation industry. We understand your success depends on having up-to-date and useful data. The Bourque Logistics’ User Group Conference meets biennially allowing for direct customer input and providing a blueprint for module enhancements.

  • We Understand

    our customers require systems that are simple to use, innovative, and designed to address specific needs and ever-changing industry regulations. Whether deployed individually or as an integrated suite, Bourque Logistics’ software and services reduces costs and streamlines operations.

Our Skills

  • Data Services

    All Bourque Logistics data transaction processes are replicated at its redundant data facility to assure continuity of collection and delivery should its primary data center experience an outage. BL network staff monitor the data transmissions to assure a smooth, uninterrupted flow. Data Services

  • Logistics Services

    Building on the strength of our industry-leading software, BL offers RAILTRAC® Maintenance Service (RMS), a full-service railcar repair and maintenance program. Daily, the RMS team performs general administrative tasks to closely monitor and track customer railcar repair and maintenance activities. Utilizing RAILTRAC® and RAILAcct®, we ensure that your maintenance program is managed properly, is cost effective and that it conforms to regulatory and industry requirements. Logistics Services

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