Serving as a single source of data collection, Bourque Logistics gathers car location messages (CLM) from all reporting railroads to update rail shipments in RAILTRAC®.

CLM Transactions Supported

This simplifies the process for you and provides reliable, real-time information. CLM are available from all Class 1 carriers and over 250 Shortline railroads.

  • Fleet – basic fleet reporting with fleet update capabilities linked to RAILTRAC® for adding and removing railcars from fleet services.
  • CLR – CLM request for free-runner moves used for non-fleet shipments of customers or railroad owned equipment.
  • CLT – temporary fleet additions for third-party or non-shipper supplier moves.
  • CLM Rewind – collection of recent CLM back to the last shipment should CLM feeds be cut.
  • Waybill Collection – collection of CLM based on waybill supplier or consignee.
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