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Bourque Logistics Joins BiTA

A Welcome Standards Discussion for Vetting its RAILChain™ Design

The Woodlands, Texas – February 13, 2018. Bourque Logistics, the leader in rail logistics systems for more than 29 years, announces its membership in the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA). This recently formed industry group, with over 210 members, represents an important effort to develop blockchain standards for multi-mode logistics participants.

In addition to defining blockchain standards, Bourque Logistics seeks to evaluate transaction types with BiTA members to prioritize the highest return blockchain transactions for its rail shipper customers. Starting in 2017, discussions arose between Bourque and its clients about how blockchain technology could alleviate certain inefficient rail logistics issues. This effort resulted in an initial design for digitized file formats called rblocks. These allow rail industry participants to securely exchange bill of lading subsets, as well as settle freight, repair, and lease costs using smart contract technology.


With our ongoing efforts to enhance the scope of our RAILChain project, we value an organization like BiTA to provide focus on developing blockchain standards for all…BiTA’s role is also important in prompting an understanding of the opportunities and realization of value through this new promising technology…A discussion on how rail enterprise systems integrate via the blockchain is also important.

—Steve Bourque, President of Bourque Logistics

Bourque believes that BiTA will provide a much wider forum to speed the adoption of blockchain standards that will hasten real returns via distributed, peer-to-peer data exchange.

With an initial proof of concept (PoC) for RAILChain slated for the summer 2018, any blockchain standards discussion and ideas arising from the BiTA forum will be integrated into the project. Bourque customers will have the opportunity to be the early PoC participants to evaluate value and set priorities using the blockchain.

The RAILChain project builds upon previous design elements of NaviChain™, a blockchain network being designed for international, intermodal chemical shipments by Tank and Container Management Systems, LLC (TCMS), a partner of Bourque Logistics.

About Bourque Logistics

Used by over 120 rail shippers in North America, Bourque Logistics provides rail operations software for industrial shippers. Its automated rail logistics system has provided significant and ongoing value since 1989 with RAILTRAC®, YardMaster®, RateServer®, and other tools that address all facets of rail shippers’ needs and integrate seamlessly with their ERP systems. Its Shipper BI™ tool provides managers real time intelligence and trending to manage complex distribution and logistics.

Bourque Logistics’ tools are redundant, cloud-based systems for rail and motor carrier shipment operations for loading and shipping, bill of lading submission, tracking and trace, freight costing and payment, fleet accounting, supply chain management, and customized reporting. Bourque’s EDI data services connect shippers with their suppliers, customers, and carriers. They also provide professional services and support for rail fleet expediting and railcar maintenance management.

For more information, visit our website or watch our company overview videos on our youtube channel.

About TCMS

Tank and Container Management Systems, LLC (TCMS) is an intermodal logistics company which streamlines international shipping operations for ISO tank, cylinder, tote, and other cargo container movements. TCMS’ Journey™ Navigator is a cloud-based logistics system providing optimized intermodal shipment management and offers enhanced connectivity between shippers, multi-mode carriers, ports, and depots around the world.

TCMS partnered with Bourque Logistics to address the increasing international shipment operations of its rail shipper clients. Leveraging Bourque Logistics’ knowledge in industrial shipping automation, EDI, and enterprise integration, TCMS’ service streamlines shippers’ container movements, and addresses important equipment maintenance, compliance, and document management requirements. TCMS logistics staff provides professional services and support for container expediting, and fleet and compliance management.

RAILChain™, rblocks™, NaviChain™ are registered trademarks of Bourque Data Systems Inc.


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