Jul 20, 2019 | Press Releases

Bourque Logistics Enhances Tankcar Loading Technology

Modernizing VCF and Outage Calculations for Safer Tankcar Loading

The Woodlands, Texas –July 20, 2019. Bourque Logistics, the leader in North American railcar shipping systems for over 30 years, announced two related efforts which will enhance the accuracy and availability of tankcar loading calculations.

First, it has completed an exclusive license of the volume correction (VCF) source code from Quartz Precision Software LLC. Quartz’sVCF process adheres to standards published by the American Petroleum Institute (API)and, for many years, has served as a vital resource to chemical and refinery shippers. Bourque will work with Quartz to assure continued adherence to the latest API requirements. Bourque will also migrate the VCF code base to the latest .Net architecture for cloud-based availability to rail shippers.

Second, Bourque will package the VCF technology with its extensive tankcar outage table database. The availability and accuracy of outage tables are critical to a safe and optimized tankcar loading process for liquid and gaseous products. Bourque provides itsYardMaster® clients electronic access to outage tables to reduce manual efforts whichdelay and make inaccurate tankcar loading operations.


Further, Bourque will work closely with its partner, IndustrialNetworks, LLC (INet) to provide the enhanced VCF process directly into the field, via INet’s YardMaster Mobile®applications, by utilizing their mobile, AEI-scanning tablets. Field access to the improved VCF technology will allow operators’ continued ability to perform VCF calculations directly on loading racks saving much time and effort.

Our recent cloud-based services provide a streamlined methodto roll out Bourque’s evolving technology to our customers,” said Steve Bourque, president of Bourque Logistics. “In this particular example, we will leverage the cloud plusthe existing conduit ofINet’smobile, AEI-scanningtabletsused by our refining and chemical clients to provide this upgraded tankcar loading functionality.

—Steve Bourque, President of Bourque Logistics

Used by over 250 industrial railyards in North America, Bourque Logistics’ YardMaster® is a robust rail operations software that fully automates rail shipping operations, such as railcar request and release, switching, onsite inventory, order scheduling and rack assignment, railcar inspection, and BOL transmission. In addition, YardMaster®provides load and offload optimization by performing load bay verification, advanced outage, and volume correction calculations.

About Bourque Logistics

Used by over 120 rail shippers in North America, Bourque Logistics provides rail operations software for industrial shippers. Its automated rail logistics system has provided significant and ongoing value since 1989 with RAILTRAC®, YardMaster®, RateServer®, and other tools that address all facets of rail shippers’ needs and integrate seamlessly with their ERP systems. Its Shipper BI™ tool provides managers real time intelligence and trending to manage complex distribution and logistics.

Bourque Logistics’ tools are redundant, cloud-based systems for rail and motor carrier shipment operations for loading and shipping, bill of lading submission, tracking and trace, freight costing and payment, fleet accounting, supply chain management, and customized reporting. Bourque’s EDI data services connect shippers with their suppliers, customers, and carriers. They also provide professional services and support for rail fleet expediting and railcar maintenance management.

For more information, visit our website or watch our company overview videos on our youtube channel.

About Industrial Networks

INet is the leading provider of railyard automation and data acquisition systems for manufacturing and shipping operations in North America. Their expertise touches operations run by rail shippers, short line and Class I railroads, trucking, and more. The close relationship with Bourque Logistics, the leading provider of rail transportation software to shippers in North America, provides over 75 years of experience providing state-of-the-art rail automation.

For more information, visit their website.

YardMaster® is a registered trademark of Bourque Data Systems Inc.

YardMaster Mobile® is a registered trademark of Bourque Data Systems Inc.

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