Bourque Logistics provides EDI transmissions directly to Class 1 and Shortline rail carriers. Our technology supports bills of lading (BOL) creation, conversion, and transmission as 404 and 810 formats. All BOL creation and translation programs conform to all U.S. and Canadian HAZMAT requirements.

BOLs of all types can be transmitted including:

  • Revenue
  • Empty Billing
  • Empty or Loaded Switch
  • Unit Train
  • Furtherance of Transit
  • Store in Transit
  • Stop Off in Transit
  • Railroad Company Business
  • Shop Move

All BOL 404s transmitted are verified via return 997 and 824 acknowledgements. BOLs unacknowledged are flagged immediately so action can be taken. BOLs can be created manually via eBILL® or from shipment or order feeds from ERP systems such as SAP, JDE, or other order/shipment software.

In addition, selected BOL data sets can be transmitted to consignees as well as customs brokers for cross border movements.

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